Sunday - August 20th, 2017

Ugh, Today's Google Doodle Is Really Good

Ugh, Today's Google Doodle Is Really Good

As the world continues to freak out over that (now former) Google employee’s offensive memo, Google went and did something cool for once. It made a good Doodle.

No, seriously, it’s true. To celebrate the 44th anniversary of the block party that (the story goes) started the hip hop movement, today’s Google Doodle is an interactive turntable that lets you be a DJ. You can even scratch with your mouse.

There’s also a crate of records full of classic hip hop samples and beats. “Apache,” “Get Ready,” “More Bounce to the Ounce”—all the good ones are in there, along with info cards that tell you what songs use the sample. It’s stupid fun!

We don’t typically blog about something as pedestrian as a Google Doodle; there are new ones every day, and Google’s always coming up with silly ideas. It’s effectively an ad for the company. We get it. But damn, this DJ setup is dope.


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