Sunday - August 20th, 2017

Janmashtami 2017: 5 Delicious Sabudana Dishes You Can Have While Fasting

Devotees also observe the ritualistic fast on the holy occasion. They eat only a single meal a day before Janmashtami. On the fasting day, they take a Sankalpa to observe a day-long fast and to break it on the next day when the Ashtami Tithi is over. Through the day of fasting no grains are consumed; the devotees take a meal containing fruits, milk and water, called Phallar. Some devotees also choose to observe a 'Nirjala' vrat to please their deity, where they refrain from even taking a sip of water along with any grain of food, for the day. They break their fast by offering 'bhog' to their beloved deity.

A list of 56 food items, which is referred to as the 'Chappan Bhog', is offered to the Lord. This is later distributed among the people after the fast. As legend goes, it constitutes Krishna's favourite dishes and usually includes cereals, fruits, dry fruits, sweets, drinks, namkeen and pickles in quantities of eight under each category.

Snacks, meals and desserts made of sabudana or tapioca pearls are very popular on the day. So if you have chosen to keep the auspicious fast and are fretting as to how you will pass the day without your favourite delicacies, worry not. With sabudana, there are options galore!

Here are some delicious and exciting sabudana or tapioca marvels you can try this Janmashtmi fast and make the fasting a fun affair -

1. Sabudana Khichdi

Sabudana is full of starch or carbohydrates, which gives you the much needed energy boost while fasting. Sabudana Khichdi is a light dish made with sabudana, peanuts, green chillies, sendha namak (rock salt) and ghee is a winner. This recipe by Niru Gupta will help you make the perfect Sabudana Khichdi in under 10 minutes.

Perfect crunchy snack to chomp on to keep the hunger pangs away through the day. The nation loves munching on this crispy, disc-thin snack across all fasting occasions.

3. Sabudana Kheer

A delicious festive dessert made with sabudana flavoured with cardamom and saffron. Wholesome, filling and lip-smacking. Slurp on the goodness with this lovely recipe of Sabudana Kheer by Niru Gupta.

Sabudana Tikki or Croquettes are simple to make and oh-so-delicious. Mash potatoes and soaked sabudana, add some green chillies, sendha namak and mild spices, mould them into the shape of tikkis and fry. Serve with Pudina Chutney and enjoy!

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