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BigHit Reveals Meaning Of BTS's "Love Yourself" Poster

BigHit Reveals Meaning Of BTS's

Updated August 11 KST:

After releasing a poster featuring Jungkook earlier today, BigHit Entertainment has shared some insights into BTS’s “Love Yourself” series.

“Love Yourself” has been described as a large-scale and new series that will continue on into 2018, following BTS’s previous school trilogy, two-part “The Most Beautiful Moment in Life” series, and the temptation-themed “Wings” and and its repackaged version “You Never Walk Alone.”

A source from BigHit Entertainment has stated, “The released poster is a teaser poster that shows the whole story of the ‘Love Yourself’ series which will be continuing on into next year.” They added, “Promotions for the new album that’s planned for September will begin on a full scale later on.”

Original Article: 

BTS has released their first look at “Love Yourself”!

On August 11 at midnight KST, BTS released a poster for “Love Yourself” that features Jungkook in a wheelchair, holding a small bouquet of flowers. The text on the poster reads, “The direction that my heart points towards, the day that I begin to want to run to that place.”

This poster may be for BTS’ series of videos with the theme “Love Yourself” that was previously reported to be in the planning stages in June, or for something else entirely!

It has also been announced that BTS is preparing to make a comeback in September.

What are you thoughts on the “Love Yourself” poster?

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