Sunday - June 25th, 2017

A map of the average number of languages spoken by EU countries

A map of the average number of languages spoken by EU countries

How many languages do you speak?

If it's just English, you're in astoundingly abundant company in the UK.

A recent graphic, on one of our favourite data subreddits, sought to explain the average number of languages spoken by people in EU member states, using a survey from 2012.

Thankfully, everyone's favourite Czech linguist and mathematician, Jakub Marian, has already compiled a much prettier version of the same map.

It really hammers home how little UK residents have bothered to learn continental languages.

Picture: Jakub Marian


Meanwhile, the percentage of the population that are able to hold a conversation in English is nearly as high in the Netherlands, Denmark and Sweden as it is in the UK.

Picture: Jakub Marian


When was the last time you dusted off your Swedish or your Dutch?

More: A map of the world according to second languages

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