Sunday - June 25th, 2017

If you're name is Sejal, you're about to get really lucky and Shah Rukh Khan reveals why - watch video

If you're name is Sejal, you're about to get really lucky and Shah Rukh Khan reveals why - watch video

All the Sejals out there, Shah Rukh Khan is looking for you! You heard that right. Shah Rukh just tweeted that he is looking for the town that has the maximum number of Sejals. Say, what? Quite a weird demand, don’t you think? He shot a video, pretending to croon to the tunes of Dil Le Gayi Kudi with random pop ups of Anushka’s pictures. In the video, he stated that he is looking for a town full of Sejals. Quite a lucky day to be born as a Sejal, isn’t it? He’s looking for Sejals and we wonder what this puzzle is all about. Because he has confirmed that he will visit the town with maximum number of Sejals. What an odd deal! But good news for Sejals everywhere!

You can check out the video below. From the genesis of the film’s promotions up until now, everything about it is unique. Unlike how the usual marketing strategies go, with filmmakers releasing the trailer, Imtiaz Ali has something else in store for fans. He has decided to release clips from the movie, in a unique promotional plan. Yes, there are going to be a series of ‘mini trails’ released by the makers where glimpses of what to expect from the film are shown. While our editor has already seen it, we’ll be doing the same along with you folks at the match! Instead of releasing it on social platforms, the ‘mini trails’ will actually be released during the India vs Pakistan Champions trophy match that is set to take place on June 18. Wouldn’t that be quite awesome to watch the match and cheer for Harry as he accompanies Sejal on her trip?

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The movie is set to release on August 8. We have a lot of reasons to be excited about the film. Starting from the casting which has SRK and Anushka reuniting for their third flick to the fact that it’s Imtiaz, they’re working with! There is so much to look forward to in the film. Not to forget the cameo Ranbir Kapoor will be having in the film. I mean, who isn’t pumped up for that? We certainly are! Also, the film isn’t clashing with Akshay Kumar’s Toilet – Ek Prem Katha, which releases as scheduled. Anyway, you folks stay tuned to this space as we’ll bring the ‘mini trails’ as well as all updates on the film. Don’t go anywhere!

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