Sunday - June 25th, 2017

14-year-old arrested for allegedly throwing bicycle from HDB block

SINGAPORE - A 14-year-old boy has been arrested for allegedly throwing a bicycle from a HDB block in Whampoa.

The teen is believed to have been involved in a case of Rash Act, police said in a press release on Friday (June 16).

Police said it received several reports of the bicycle being thrown from Block 116B Jalan Tenteram on Thursday.

The suspect was arrested on the same day and investigations against him are currently ongoing, police said.

If convicted for Rash Act, the suspect can be jailed up to six months and/or fined up to $2,500.

"The Police take a serious view of such dangerous acts that endanger the lives of others and will take swift action against the perpetrators," it said.

A video of the teen throwing the ofo bicycle from a high floor went viral on Thursday.

Note: The age of the suspected was amended. Police clarified that he is 14, and not 13 years old.

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